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  1. Can anyone tell me what time the Bressay v Westside game KO on saturday? and is it in Bressay??
  2. What people need to realise is that sometimes you need to spend to save in the long run. By investing in fixed links the council would then save on ferries in the future. If it does go ahead i can see people campaigning against it as it will result in ferry crews being made redundant. My personal feeling is that fixed links are the way forward but i wouldnt be surprised if something ridiculous like ferry crews being kept on incase tunnels are closed etc happens, which would mean we end up with no savings at all. Plus I can't see the council pushing this through at the moment with all the cuts to other areas in Shetland. Unless they can get a large chunk of money from the government! but alas the people of power down in London or Edinburgh probably don't really give a crap about fixed links between islands in Shetland.
  3. I would love to know how many players are registered in the Shetland football league and the works league. I bet there are a lot compared to the amount of teams. Also I wouldn't mind knowing how many players some of the teams have registered to them! I bet it is more than they would ever need!!
  4. Association invites suggestions on future of football in isles <--- Quote from shetland times article by Neil Riddle on 2nd October Just wondering if anyone actually had any suggestions for the future of shetland football?? Or was this just a knee jerk reaction of the commitee after lossing to Orkney? My view would be to have a 3 tier promotion/relegation league set up. I know this would take a lot of organisation and may result in teams being easily beat for a few years but it would soon sort it self out once teams had found their place. It could also mean the scrapping of the B-league.... which or at least turning it into a friendly league just for B teams. I think for this to work squads would be capped at 25 players each. This could lead to the creation of a couple more teams around the isles. This is just a suggestion so dont slate it too much Anyone else have any other suggestions?????
  5. Good luck to the boys on saturday!! watched a little of the game v the JC last night. They will need to improve before saturday though!! Didnt seem to have that clinical finisher that every team needs and the team didnt seem to gel together. On the other hand the JC looked really good, they kept the ball well at times and the seniors had to rely on two headers from coners to make the game 2-2. 'Mon the blues
  6. Yea these problems can be annoying. Shift workers are a problem in Unst(and probably for most teams). I think all this season Unst will fulfill all fixtures and get at least 12 men to turn up. But it will be hard when you have to pick a formation and tactics to suit the player that are there instead of picking a team to suit you formations and tactics. The one thing that i think is that if Northern Rovers were to happen it should be done on the pretense that its an A and B team. Therefor all the players that are playing now atleast have a chance of playin football. I know that it would be a poor A team but If the boys that are playing As for other teams etc come back then it wouldnt be too bad. If it has to be NR then I think it can only be NR-A and NR-B
  7. This year is going to be had for Unst. Only having 14 player available to play and 3 of those are youngsters with little experience of senior or even 11 aside football. Unst are also missing a good player in Jordan Johnson who broke his ankle a couple weeks ago. Another two players that fall into the category of A league players (or have played in) are VERY injury prone and could be out any time. Unst FCs opinion has always been(as far as i know) that they would always try and field a team on their own because they had enough players, but I doubt this year might be one of the last that they are able to do so. And for that reason I would think Northern Rovers could be on the cards if a reasonable solution to the well known problems are found.
  8. 56 players between the 2 teams, no way!! how many of those could actually play at a higher level if they had a A team though?
  9. Pitch line has Shetland football training on tonight. Any word on who is in the squad etc or who do you think should be in the squad this year?
  10. I think only the people that have to use these ferries on a daily or weekly basis can really comment. If you live in Unst Fetlar or Yell then you would notice how much of a lifeline they are. Even the thought of them being reduced is ridiculous. And Muckleflugga with a name like yours I thought you would have understood that having 3 ferries a day into Unst, Yell or Fetlar would be stupid....
  11. who do you recomend i take out??
  12. tirvaluk Sorry i will add in a subs bench Archie Thomson Geordie jamieson Charlie Spence Brian Hunter Willie Spence
  13. (GK) Grant Thomson (RB) Colin Laurenson (CB) Andrew Thomson (SW) Alan Hunter (LB) Patrick Robertson (LM) Kevin Priest (MC) Jonathan Henderson (MC) David Niven (MR) Lenny Spence (ST) Nigel Llewellyn (ST) Paul Spence
  14. Is there anywhere that you can find a list of players that are playing for each team? Like a squad list of players that have signed to play for each team for the current season?? Wouldnt mind knowing what players have moved around etc
  15. OK thanks for clearing that up. What would be the punishment for failing to get this clearance? and how would the shetland FA even know a player needed it?
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