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    Isn't that interesting. Oil/gas refined on North Sea rigs IN SCOTTISH WATERS & directly exported aren't included in HMRCs "Scottish Exports. See link to verify http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0049/00493251.pdf
  2. Maybe a petition amongst the Shetland community would help promote this great idea, I'm living in a static caravan and not looking forward to another wild winter in it, I'm a tradesman and would be happy to help in anyway shape or form, I don't care what I live in as long as it's cosy in the winter and affordable.
  3. I'll just leave this here. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CmiBZ9-XgAAWbPt.jpg
  4. Labour was really the largest unionist opponent that could have kept Westminsters 308yrs old dream alive, Scotland has gone through a political metamorphosis in recent times & nothing stands in the way of independence for Scotland, a brave new future beckons as imperialism has made it`s last stand ironically in the place of it`s birth.
  5. People want to learn indigenous language, it's in demand so let's give them freedom to choose, it's frightening to think some people here do not want to encourage ancient cultural indigenous language, instead they talk of Mafia & money!
  6. I'm sure the initiative is funded like all the Gaelic projects currently undertaken in the UK by the Scottish government, as for my grammar I wasn't aware it was under serious scrutiny.
  7. I'd also like to learn a new language, I thought we had a certain freedom of speech in place on these islands or have we been transformed into North Korea, I don't hear anyone putting in place laws that if not adhered too mean criminal prosecution for anyone not speaking Gaelic, Scots, Norse or any other language other than English, frankly its not an issue anywhere if anyone wants to learn new language is it?
  8. If at 1st you don't succeed don't be a fool & try again lol
  9. Indigenous languages such as Latin, Gaelic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish etc etc etc won't die out. Because so long as people live & speak languages.
  10. Think when you mature as a human being you value your own feelings & the feelings of others in a more profound way & tend to put more value on feelings, emotion, love, romance, companionship, friendship etc.
  11. So who's to blame? Women? Men? The Scottish government? Yeah! Lol
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