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  1. personally i feel you have no other option but to inform the police and show them the video. This driver was lucky he/she didnt cause an accident.. next time he/she may not be so lucky and chances are he/she will end up either killing themselfs or even worse someone else.
  2. Hiya, Does anyone know who delivers on behalf of Very and Littlewoods in Shetland? Thanking you kindly.
  3. Still no Vodafone signal in Mossbank..despite a vodafone customer service assistant saying all would be back to normal by 6am this morning.
  4. Had no siganl up here in Mossbank all day.. im on Vodafone but i have heard of no signal with other newtworks up here also... hope whatever it is they get us all back on soon.
  5. Dont blame you Paulb... im not sending mine in either.... usually when there is things flying past the window... i take that as an indication to stay inside! lol
  6. Things may have changed, but 28 weeks was the cut off for being allowed to travel on Northlink. like i say may not be like that now but that was the case 8 years ago.. i was almost refused travel on the day i hit 28 weeks, being told that it was company policy not to carry someone over 28 weeks as it poses to many risks.
  7. shake your head all you want, im talking for exp. having broken my hand while younger it never healed as it should have meaning i lost my job at the time due to being unable to use my hand properly and have since been limited to what work i can do. so yes sometimes it isnt as simple as oh i broke a bone and it healed fine. That one broken bone from my younger years effected what i can do in my later (but not that much lol) ones. i have said what i wanted to having expressed MY opinion as it is my rigth to do so, just because it is my opinion does not mean it reflects what others think and it is not intended to. After all shetlink forum is about people doing just that.
  8. so just because i choose not to sent my child to an event i feel poses that bit more risk.... makes me not 'delightful'. why is it people cant express their opinions without it always going back to such unneeded remarks.
  9. just because i choose not to send my child to an event which i feel unsuitable due to the dangers, does not mean i have them wrapped up and dont let them out. my child has a perfectly happy childhood playing and running around with their friends. and i am well aware that accidents do happen while kids play, after all i was one once myself, but i am just choosing to not put my child to somewhere i feel has a higher risk of injury. and yes you are right broken bones do heal... but sometimes the scars from the trauma takes longer, but for somone who seems to think broken bones is nothing serious i guess you wouldnt really be to worried. anyhows i have said all i wish to on the subject. i hope the event passes with as few casulties visits as possible. Have a good weekend shetlinkers
  10. my child will not be attending this event. it has already been banned from her school due to the dangers of it. How a parent can willing pay to have there child par take in something that could so easily end in there injury is beyond me.
  11. the police are usless. i had to call them once cos my daughetr was bullied th the point where she came home physically injured with a bleeding head. and what did the police do... told me to keep her inside and away form the play park when the bully was there!!!!!!!!!!!!! my child was the one being punished by having to be kept in while the bully was alllowed to run around doing whatever. if the police cant be bothered in a situation like that they wont care less about a boy racer with a loud car.
  12. i totally understand this topic..... where i live there is an individual who seems to pride himself on revving his car for hours in the middle of the night and driving up and down the wee road in front of the houses. Im literly at snapping point as this past weekend he really outdid him self and in turn keeping my daughter who is not very well up all night!!!!!!! you can imagine my feeling towards him and that junk pile he calls a car the following morning. and i know there is no point in calling the police as im pretty sure they are aware of these 'boy racers' and just dont do much about it. and if i was to call the council.. i would be told to keep a log for months on end.... well frankly months of keeping logs does not help the health of those who are kept up night after night. i may slip and accidently spill a bag of nails over the car park .......
  13. Thank for that, i came across that earlier, but from what i can see there is very little if anything going on with them from there website but i have sent an email to ask if they are an active group with meet ups.
  14. Thanks for the link, very interesting, but sadly it does not help me in finding an answer to my original question.
  15. Hiya can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as a Astronomy Club or similar here in Shetland. i have taken an intrest recently and i think this would be a great place for such a thing. Any info much appreciated
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