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  1. "Cool story bro"? Are you American ***? I do very much enjoy your colonial colloquialisms. I'm less of a fan of your continuous links to (less than balanced) media as a tool of choice to derogate other media sources for being politically motivated however. It makes you come across as a bit of a hypocrite.
  2. Look, we get it. You're happy in your fascism. That's not a crime. We do, however, live in a society that has some very important laws. I can see that this is something you have difficulty with. With your history of failing to abide by the laws of society, I hope this community comes together to see you neither employed nor destroyed, but certainly removed!
  3. It didn't really stand a chance. Just thankful no one was injured.
  4. If it's a nuisance, phone the police on 101.
  5. Why on earth would someone beg to have their Shetlink forum account closed then immediately open a new one only to have themselves blocked by admin? People find entertainment in some strange places. Some just need attention.
  6. The police should not be used as a threat. If you have evidence of criminal activity you should notify the authorities immediately. Failure to do so is a failure in your community duty. Let us know how you get on.
  7. Hit the 'report' button below any posts that you feel breach the Terms and Conditions to alert a moderator. A busy night ahead for you I fear.
  8. I wonder, with the invent of driverless cars, what present day audi drivers will do to fulfil their primordial urges to pass every thing in front of them. Auto-controlled vehicles will surely put an end to aggressive driving and, subsequently, audi I would imagine.
  9. Not a bad idea. I know people up here who have never driven on real roads. There's a guy along the road from me that refuses to even drive down to Lerwick. People like that should have there driving license taking of them, there obviously not confident on the roads. That might be a little harsh. You can't go around taking away privileges from people who are over cautious. I think technology will win out on this and vehicles will have gps fitted eventually and reckless drivers could have their antics tracked.
  10. Depends on whether you drive an audi or not. Apparently.
  11. It'll run its course. It's always the same.
  12. You'd think bus drivers would've been through a defencive driver course?
  13. Not a bad idea. I know people up here who have never driven on real roads. There's a guy along the road from me that refuses to even drive down to Lerwick.
  14. Maybe if you cooked a few more sausage rolls you could afford a audi as well. Maybe then you might be a bit less jealous and bitter about people who do. Seem to have triggered some sensibilities that the audi-guy spoke of
  15. Interesting that you believe that I was directing my comment towards you. I wasn't. Irresponsible 'driving'(as this topic is about that and not about you) is a subject that many don't believe they're guilty of. Take Audi-guy for instance. The correct thing to do would be to reduce speed. That would eliminate the risk of a high impact incident. Continuing to drive at 50mph while staring in the mirror and raising your own stress is not a safe way to operate a vehicle. But few people are able to admit they are actually quite poor at hazard perception.
  16. Not so much need for a van as a chef.
  17. I'm not so sure the moderators will or should support any form of vigilante style naming and shaming. And posting your own version of an event where you acted irresponsibly is simply childish.
  18. Maybe being bombarded by dash cam footage from spineless goons is why the police force in Shetland is as useless as you say. Have you had problems getting the police to believe your recount of an incident in the past?
  19. Well well. An Audi driver complaining about poor driving? I'm amazed.
  20. Copy/Paste 60°33'26.6"N 1°22'40.0"W Onto Google Maps and it'll show you where the dam is. There's a pipe leads from that point all the way to the treatment plant at Ollaberry. Another (back up) pipe comes up from Eela water at 60.487568, -1.394381.
  21. Just an addition to that... Section 13 (sub A). Lays out what is meant by the term 'Exempted Island'. That is all it does. Nowhere does the regulation actual 'use' the term 'Exempted Island' therefor I would assume that nowhere is exempt from the national regulations on driving. Page 4 of the Department of Transport information pamphlet on motorcycles suggests that motorcycles are exempt from the regulation but I couldn't say why. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20090807113316/dft.gov.uk/think_media/241027/241127/newtinf330mopedsandmcycles.pdf
  22. Enlighten me. Just exactly 'how' stupid is it? (btw, there are already pipes placed in the landfill that are supposed to remove excess heat to prevent this from happening. But they only remove it to atmosphere and, evidently they don't work). I'm pretty interested too now. There must be a hell of a lot of heat there if it's true they've been putting in pipes allready.
  23. What concerns me more than one guy feeling a bit ill because of the nasty smoke is... If the dump can reach temperatures so high that it can spontaneously combust, why haven't the SIC ran pipes through it and harvested some of that wasted energy?
  24. Let's hope the white pick-up coming the other way has a blue light on the top if you're going to behave like that on the road.
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