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  1. You don't find many of those signs outwith built up areas and airports in Shetland though, do you? I humbly await your pedantic retort.
  2. I reckon the travellers are responsible for the current period of bad weather.
  3. People who lose the rag with other road users are as dangerous as those with whom they lose the rag. Attitude is all important when driving and acknowledging, and accepting, that anyone can make a mistake is pivotal. Pent up anger leads to a lack of focus.
  4. I agree that some of the islands have seen a decline in population; however the remainder of this post is insensitive, crass, claptrap.
  5. “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.â€
  6. For Armchair Professors everywhere. You know who you are. SPEOE noun, pronounced "Spee-Oh" acronym for Self Proclaimed Expert On Everything The annoying know-it-all in everyone's social circle, or quasi-member thereof, who always insists on one-upping the person controlling a current conversation with useless factoids or name-dropping to make himself appear more knowledgable or superior to the audience in question. Considers himself (herself) the perfect candidate for "Jeopardy"
  7. How to suck at your religion
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