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  1. I like that advert. how can you say it's appallingly horrific?
  2. I absolutely hate Salad Cream, we have a bottle of it in the kitchen cupboard and no-one has touched because only my father uses it (rarely!)
  3. I just recently read the licensed guide of the new Sims 3, it was interesting but it had a lot of mistakes, so I highlighted the misprints!
  4. How big is Mareel going to be then? Bit of a squeeze for the tiny space there is left for the 'project' and what's it for?
  5. What about that Salad Cream advert, it's rubbish and she looks creepy.
  6. If anyone watches Oops TV on Sky, you might remember this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFkSohdhpxU&feature=related
  7. Fun! We went up to Unst and we're taking photos and there wasn't much to do so we just stopped at the bus shelter, went through Baltasound and Uyeasound and when we just came back to the ferry terminal in Unst, we played the 'musical boat' and listened to some old local music from a CD in the shop near Baltasound. It was a very fun day and we all enjoyed it, so did I!
  8. I remember going to this playscheme in Tingwall and it was a nice, summer's day and the children were playing out into the school garden playing ball games and running around. We also had a bouncy castle in the garden too and there were 3 children bouncing on it, the castle had no support and the 3 children sat at the back of the bouncy castle until, suddenly the bouncy castle tipped to its back and was millimetres from the rose bush as an adult saved the tumbling castle! It was so funny.
  9. I hate these people who just agree with something then they think of somthing else over and over again. Why can't the council agree with one and another?
  10. My birthday on Monday, it would be the bestest birthday ever in my life!
  11. Can't stand watching it at all! Their challenges are just silly.
  12. I don't particularly like channel 5, because it has a lot of rubbish is more of a man's channel as it has a lot of programmes with racing and all sorts of crap. My little sister loves Rupert the Bear and Noddy but my mother hates it because it makes her cringe. I remember one time when we went stargazing to the Walls area and we were listening to this CD that my sister selected, we were playing the theme tune of Noddy and we were all singing it but my mother started banging her head on the steering wheel.
  13. This isn't interesting at all, I just typed in 'cover songs' in the search box on Youtube and I know this song, when I saw it is awful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb86KRJtnWE
  14. In my opinion, Family Guy is better than the Simpsons.
  15. I think that Gordon Brown should go because he once talked about the Arctic Monkeys and their future, what a right tosser.
  16. I really hate the state of their food presentations, the last I was on the boat would've been October 2008, I remember that I had a roast chicken with boiled potatoes and nothing else, it looked like a dog's dinner. When I opened it, it was putrid, it was still fleshy and undercooked. I would never get a chicken on the boat. Never.
  17. My question is: What's the point of having a big windfarm and enormous windmills? I think it's a waste of money and landscape.
  18. I heard about this story on TV about this alcoholic who died of cirrhosis of the liver: He started doing this when he was 8 years old (I think it was set in the 60s) and that he drunk nearly two bottles of whisky per night and he had hangovers nearly everyday and that his parents got arrested for child abuse when he was nearly 11. At the age of 23, he didn't have a job because of bad grades and no qualifications whatsoever. In early 90s, when he was 38, he was sent to a hospice because his liver was so badly damaged, at the age of 41, he died suddenly of cirrhosis of the liver. So kids, don't do underage drinking. It's bad for you and so did this neglected man.
  19. I don't think it was as good as what I thought it would've been. I didn't like the idea of having a big truck with head-banging children jumping inside the truck, it would be a disaster because the suspension wasn't that good enough!
  20. It's the same when it comes to the disabled badges for the disabled spaces. I mean, my sister has a disability because she isn't that used to long distances when she was little. Me and my mother get really irritated with those 'road rage numpties' who park on those spaces. Remember folks: it's a criminal offence when it comes to parking at a space where you're not meant to. Be warned!
  21. I thought you talking about my story and the blackened rice that was in the microwave!
  22. I remember doing it at school and we ended up paying for the bill for a new sharpner! Yes that's right, I'm a numptie.
  23. For some reason, I keep having dreams of me being in the high school and the school gets blown up and I end up as a dead body in the ruins of the high school, no idea where it came from?
  24. I don't like that Kit Kat Senses advert because I think the Scottish lady is explaining about a turd instead of her wedding dress! Ban that advert!
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