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  1. I was ready to poo poo this story, apologies. When I remembered a few years after buying this house I answered the door to the meter guy. He just said " I have been trying to get in here for 18 months" and sort of pushed by me as I was a bit confused as there is someone in most days. He started to go up the stairs and I said " wait the wife is getting dressed" he just kept going with a " It is OK I know where it is ". I went after him at this point to lay hands on him and told him " I have told you my wife is getting dressed" just then the Mrs came out of the bedroom where the meter is looking a bit flustered and obviously heard the shouting. He quietly read the meter and went. I think he realised how close he came. By the way not the present meter reader who is Nigerian and really nice.
  2. This may be your opinion of what Remembrance Sunday is, and that's okay, but its certainly not mine. I tend to take my lead from the opinions of those who fought in and/or lived through two world wars against basically the same enemy, and whom I think its reasonable to conclude were in a far better position to have a valid opinion on the subject, than the vast majority of people alive today. Of those I knew, they fell almost exclusively in to one of two camps, those for whom it was a closed subject in every size, shape and form, and those who took the attitude that an 'officially organised' event like Remembrance Sunday had more to do with making politicians and generals, who, from positions of safety sent countless out to their deaths, give the appearance that they and their successors gave a damn about anyone but themselves. Having a single national remembrance service in London, they were indifferent to, erecting memorials in each district to commerate the victims they were fine with. Remembrance Sunday however they were much less okay about, and saw it as an attempt by the same politicians and generals who had ordered so many out to their deaths with minimal option but go, trying to dictate to those who were lucky enough to survive, when, where, when and how they should remember and commemorate those who didn't make it. To them, it was an interference too far, and largely an exercise in hypocracy and whitewash. So, when joining the EU came along those same folk saw that as a betrayal, disrespect, being stabbed in the back and a significant escalation in the hypocracy of the "powers that be". As many said, for 10 years of my life we fought with these people, not knowing whether the next minute would bring life or death. Yet now we're supposed to be their friends and pretend none of that ever happened........ They've virtually all gone now, but based on the opinions and feelings they expressed in life, I'm pretty sure few if any of those with first hand knowledge of the wars would have been anything less than delighted that even if it had taken 45 years for folk to see sense, that the country was finally going to sever ties with the longstanding warmongers from the continent. I'm equally sure too though that they'd have been livid at the eternal attempts at stalling, fudging and diluting severing those ties, and seen that as yet more betrayal, back-stabbing, hypocracy and disrespect. If we're going to talk about what is 'shameful', how about some of our our European 'friends' choosing the centenial of the armistice as the time to resurrect the thorny idea of raising a 'Military' force under EU control, - Pretty much a modern day version of what both wars were fought against. If we don't learn from history that there has been an insatiable drive within some Italians, French and Germans stretching back two Millennia for a single nation 'Europe' which includes the UK, that is still very much alive and well, and treat them accordingly. The sacrifices of all previous European wars will have been in vain, and there is no greater shameful hypocracy than claiming to remember and mourn those who gave their lives, when we apparently still have to learn the lesson they gave their lives for. Of course it is my opinion just like that wall of text you posted is just your opinion,
  3. Bigmouth no the Wifi in magno was working today. But you are right the 12" is a bit big for one. Susiieee no bacon or ham on menu. I assume the Pepperoni is Halal
  4. I don't need remembrance Sunday to remember those who gave up so much for our freedom,I am constantly aware of it thanks to the freedom i enjoy today. Agreed which is why I wouldn't sully that memory to make some throwaway point. But i know that many of those if not all who sacrificed so much to get us that freedom would be dismayed to see the state of the UK today. How do you know that? History and politics go hand in hand,surely it cannot be difficult for our "learned friends" in parliament to learn lessons from the past. Yes learning lessons from the past is exactly why we should have closer ties with europe. Brexit to gain our freedom once again has everything to do with what the great war was all about. No not really explain to me what freedoms the Great war won and what freedoms are being won due to Brexit and what links the two subjects?
  5. Yes in my opinion shameful. Remembrance Sunday a time for reflection and national mourning especially in this centenary year. This was somehow shoehorned into a half baked comment on Brexit. Whatever freedoms you believe the Great war was fought for it is nothing to do with Brexit. Some things are above partisan politics.
  6. Was in the Dowry again for lunch yesterday. Really lovely Cullen skink with plenty of fish in it. Also had a nice oatcake and cheese platter with it.. Went in at 1145 and had a coffee until 1200 and was able to take our pick of seats.
  7. Have you no shame? A disgusting attempt to hijack the centenary of 14-18 to support your own particular views. Absolutely awful!
  8. I used to go there a lot as thought it was quite reasonable and a lovely location. But found it increasingly hard to walk in for lunch and impossible to book at night. So visits tailed off, The last time I went I thought the place was a shambles to be honest.
  9. Had lunch in Magno today. I wasn't expecting much but was really pleasantly surprised. The place has had a refit and looks much cleaner and more welcoming. It is still a burger and pizza place but also does things like baked potatoes and sandwiches. The wife had a chicken mayo baked tattie while I had a cheeseburger. She thought the tattie was nice but the chicken mayo could have had more seasoning. The cheeseburger was pretty amazing a good and meaty burger plenty of salad and some really nice home made chips. the food was freshly cooked, very nice and portions ample. We both then had some of the cream. Absolutely gorgeous! The price was very reasonable, the food was great and the service was quick and cheerful. We will be back!
  10. Was in the String for Lunch on Friday. Lovely place inside with polite and quick service. The wife had the Fish chowder, while I had fish Goujons. The mrs says the chowder was nice but maybe a bit too much Dill. I did notice the slice of bread was a bit mean. The fish Goujons were good and in a lovely light and crisp batter. The chips were also nice but the highlight was the curry ailoli. Unfortunately the wife thinks the coffee is rank.
  11. The situation was as per admins post, all sorted now.
  12. I think the town is on the up and has a very positive vibe about it in the last year. The Dowry and String are excellent and busy night and day. Plenty of folk walking about the shops during the day as well. I have even noticed that the Mareel bar can be quite busy at night especially with the ladies.
  13. None of the links to Shetnews seem to be working now and are asking for a log in. Is the site behind a paywall now or just down?
  14. Only car wrecking if you are going over the speed limit and that is surely the point.
  15. I DID say that I was joking... No you said that you were joking about George being hit by a car.
  16. The codeine George talked about was for backache not complaining.
  17. Do you think that is maybe the point? To keep all but necessary traffic away from the esplanade. As you said it has been a bottleneck for years. I hardly ever drive along it but manage to get to the street most days when home. There are plenty of free parking places within a few minutes walk of the street but to be honest usually get parked at the fort. I also don't recognize this deserted street that some people describe. The street has a right good buzz about it with plenty of folk walking about even later at night. The two new eateries have been excellent with plenty of folk popping in for a drink coffee and chat. I imagine things will quieten down again now that winter is upon us but this last year my outlook on the street has been much more positive and I have been using the shops there a lot more.
  18. There is plenty of free parking around the town center, so yes it is an urban myth that there is a lack. Parking on the street is something else and I see no reason apart from those with Blue badges and deliveries at certain times why there should be any cars on the street.
  19. I thought that it was for the benefit of people walking along the street, looking in the shops here and there. Checking what one shop has in comparison to what another shop has - without getting run over. Not often I say this George, But agreed!
  20. That is odd as the last accounts show an underspend for at least the last 2 years and that the books will be balanced by the end of this financial year. https://www.shb.scot.nhs.uk/board/documents/AnnualAccounts2017.pdf
  21. You can get a double bedroom in Lerwick for £350 a month all in. Friends of mine have been on the council waiting list for years but some people seem to be able to waltz into a house. Seems to be plenty of jobs available in shops etc. Although there does seem to be a thing now where they will only take you on for say 12-20 hours a week.
  22. Smoking and lung cancer statistics: http://wclc2017.iaslc.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017-WCLC-Fact-Sheet-Lung-Cancer-Final.pdf
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