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  1. Yeah I was bullied as well it lead me find a life outside what very little school friends I did have. I really think it helped me having that as I was interacting with people other than my own age which helped when I left school as I wasn't so afraid of doing things, if that makes sense. As seems to be the case, got picked on for being "the weird one" as did my brother.
  2. It might have been for Sports Day. When I was younger at Bressa Primary we went to Whalsa for Sports Day. I ken what you mean about the smell, it was very strange. I thought my Primary School dinners were great. At the Anderson I did a mixture of getting fae the canteen or going doon the street. I seem to mind eating baked tatties.
  3. No haen the best of days brain wise treat me as you would an idiot. Seems like a good idea just trying to think of where it would be placed then the mural at the Viking Bus Station came in to mind............
  4. The Chewing gum walls sound interesting. How do they work no heard o then afore.
  5. Make that 3 customers. Yummmm.
  6. I used to love that. My brother and I used do Tidyup impressions the whole time much to the non amusement o Mam. BTW how do you do the YouTube linking thing?
  7. Needing a bit cheered up today so regressed to childhood: (and I've forgotten how to do the youtube linky thing) AND I found full version of intro And I blame the following for a soft spot I have for Newcastle United plus it was written by that great man Sid Waddell:
  8. Ok must admit severe brainfog there. (not having the best of days health wise the day)
  9. Looking at the Orkney Inter Island (ie kinda same distance) Fare Structure it seems fairly comparable: http://www.orkneyferries.co.uk/pdfs/prices/inner_isles_prices.pdf http://www.shetland.gov.uk/ferries/documents/2009A4FaresSheet.pdf FartyPants couldn't agree wi you more. You would think that it would be common sense to leave plenty of time to catch the ferry wouldn't you? But it does seem to escape some people.......
  10. Yeah me too but there is not a lot you can do (although I'm thinking about standing when there is an opening). The CC hasn't changed make up wise for a braa while.....
  11. It was announced at the Community Council last month and she said that she had fought for it but I doubt unless you're there to see it we'll never ken how much. I was there to see what the Scottish Water boys had to say about proposed piping of water fae Lerrick to Bressa but that is another matter......... It was in the Times but wasna exactly front page news that week I think it was about 5 pages in a corner tae itself. I would suggest coming down to the next Community Council meeting. There were rumblings about writing a letter to the Council but whether that was done or no I'm no sure. (plus most, if not all of them are VERY pro getting a tunnel even afore the decision last year)
  12. Woohooo congrats Malcolm! My three little tips: Use Natural Yoghurt instead of mayonnaise for things If you feel hungry drink water first as chances are you are thirsty not hungry If you want chocolate have a mug of low cal drinking chocolate first. I've started losing weight but my problem is being able to exercise without making things worse for myself. I've found that since moving back home I'm doing a lot more and able to get out and about in the wheelchair (which is great exercise in itself!). OH thinks he should be push me about but when I'm able I prefer using my own steam.
  13. Welcome Holden!! And congrats Khit!!
  14. And off for a peerie bit in Bressa. Too busy getting da torch to realise that Lerrick was aff as well until Dad said.
  15. Can anyone explain to me in plain English what this company/charity/NGO/QUANGO does? It just seems to be full of management speak which personally I don't trust.
  16. When midder's spine had crumbled considerably she was able to get a disabled driver card, and the SIC created a disabled parking space opposite the house. Mostly this was respected but occasionally not. In such situations her response was to park across the rear of the offending vehicle. This was possible as the space was next to the BT access (which is so rarely used) so it did not require her to block innocent cars. I'm sure that the embarassment to the non-disabled drivers having to knock on the door and face her must have been extreme. I used to wonder if she would ever make a mistake and block in a disabled driver (as the space was of course not hers, but for all eligible). She said she always checked. The situation with the space was interesting when she died. I immediately stopped using the space and had to take my chance with everyone else. That had a doubly adverse effect for the other residents because there was now an extra car competing for scarce spaces, and the disabled space was frustratingly always sitting empty. People asked me to just use the space but I could not do so. I did, however, ask the SIC if it was possible to remove the space and it was very encouraging to discover that they are indeed flexible enough in their policy for this to have been performed quickly. With no other disabled drivers in the area they were able to adapt sensibly to the new situation. I'm glad to hear that they can reverse things quickly when no longer required. This is very encouraging to me also. I'm trying to imagine the look on the faces of those who parked where they should not have parked coming to your Mam's door.
  17. Is there a Parking Warden in Lerwick anymore?
  18. Woohoo!!1 That's great actually brings on to another thread --->>> http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=104042#104042
  19. I know I've already said it here but need to say it again. People who park in disabled parking spaces when they are not disabled. I know this because it was a man in a transit van with no blue badge in a boiler suit makes it a complete pain in the rear end trying to get wheelchair out (and uses far more energy when you're not feeling that great in first place) Sorry but this really gets my goat.
  20. Khit - I hope the peerie een arrives very soon and you don't have to get induced. Misty - Congrats!! When are you due?
  21. Hearing the forecast I'd say it is highly possible it will be the short route the morn but until the morn comes canna be sure. If they are going the short route then parking at the Mail Pier, near the church, might be an idea if the long route definitely the Hall Car Park.
  22. Good luck Khit! Hope baby arrives soon.
  23. I am just so glad that they all managed to escape unhurt and will wait to see what the outcome of the investigation is.
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