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I'm a forum addict! Cyber Communities vs 'Real' communities

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Every week I read the Shetland Times at work and go on a major rant. There is just so much that makes me mad. I started reading the forum a few days ago and I cant believe theres so many people that think the same! I feel I am also becoming an addict. :D

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My workplace has such a high firedyke that most o da topics are banned, with a report sent to my employer - even da music venue thread is classed as 'sex'. Jesus I don't know whit my boss thinks of the list o hellery he gets fae me. But it does let me read the 'budget cuts' thread - oh yes!


But when I get hame I throw my breeks aff, pour mesel a cup o tae and get settled fur some readings!

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I was having a discussion with 'a man in the pub' and we were reflecting on the pros and cons of online (or cyber) communities. The main jist was that by being part of an online community, it can be detrimental to participating in the "real" world.


So here's the craic....


Cybercommunities are cited as a hugely beneficial aspect of the Internet, but the reality is that they actually discourage people from being involved in their “real” communities.


What do you lot think, and what do you think the definitions of "real" and "cyber" communities are?

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The real world.. a long forgotten place that only real people live and exist by being antisocial and rude to each another, forcing people to recluse into the comfort of their own home where they logon to the big world wide web and become antisocial and rude to each another for fun.

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