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  1. Disrespecting the monarchy? I bet Charles won't be losing any sleep over which days the SIC takes as public holidays.
  2. The EU never prevented people coming to the UK from India or the Philippines. Don't try to rewrite history.
  3. To be honest, I think the Brexiteers think the damage is worth it to spite the Remainers.
  4. It's finally happened! https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2022/06/22/women-and-girls-allowed-gender-restriction-removed-on-lerwick-up-helly-aa-squads/
  5. We hold different opinions on whether attaching a bicycle to a lamppost is vandalism, but I'm prepared to explain why I hold my opinion on why it isn't vandalism: namely that it doesn't damage or prevent the lamppost from functioning, that it's the equivalent of parking a car, and that it's not vandalism in a legal sense. For all your bluster, you haven't yet explained why you think it is vandalism.
  6. The thing is, I don't believe attaching a bicycle to a lamppost is vandalism, and long as the lamppost isn't damaged during the process of attaching the bicycle to it. Are you able to point me at any cases where someone has been prosecuted for vandalism after locking their bike to a lamppost?
  7. OK, would you agree that if someone damages a bicycle chained to a lamppost, then that's vandalism?
  8. If someone steals a bicycle that's chained to a lamppost, that's treated as theft, so I can't see why stealing a sign attached to a lamppost is any different.
  9. Legally, I think it has to be vandalism. If people were allowed to damage property left out in public, it would be legal to slash the tyres of a car parked in the street.
  10. To be fair, people are wearing masks much more often these days
  11. Obsolete? It was only installed 12 years ago... https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2022/03/08/obsolete-cctv-network-to-be-dismantled/
  12. I'm not sure cluster-bombing civilian areas and shelling nuclear power stations is a proportionate response to one of your neighbours wanting to join a free trade area.
  13. Well, if you remember the film, Threads, from the 80s, it'll probably be a bit like that, but with fewer laughs.
  14. Plenty of females in squads in the non-Lerwick UHAs.
  15. People who express opinions you disagree with are not bullying you.
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