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  1. anticipating - Friend birthday tomorrow and Mr TA's birthday on Sat and he'll be on up Sat
  2. Wondering if anyone has any tried and tested punch recipes. I was going ?to use couple of bottles of wine, vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice and couple of tins of fruit cocktail but if anyone has any other suggestions gratefully received. TIA
  3. I thought Planet of the Dead was good looking forwards to Waters of Mars. Was very pleasantly surprised with Michelle Ryan she would make a good permanant assistant but what's with all the kissing of the Dr by his assitants!?
  4. Over the last week had lots of problems with the internet connection dropping but wasn't sure if it was just us. We're with Pipex, well Tiscali now.
  5. aah all the stuff I've to look forward to when I become a Mam lol. I embarrased my parents on the Clair when I was younger. We were in the bar and I had fallen asleep it. I woke up and mind Top of the Pops being on. Dad turned around and said "you're looking a bit green around the gills" to which I promptly spewed over the table and everywhere. I was taken back the next morning to apologise to the barman
  6. Ok this might sink like a stone but thought I'd try it. "Words" for me today
  7. We played games that we made up. Went to the banks even though we weren't supposed to. Used our boots for brakes on the bikes which made us think we were the coolest . Made up assault courses (I think we watched too much Krypton Factor). Went fishing and walking.
  8. We're just staring with the garden noo getting everything tidied up. It's so good to have a garden again. Wir back garden is for veg and the front one is for Flowers. Ooh plant sale at Tingwall sounds good will see if I'm able to get there.
  9. Will be looking even more forward to my next visit then!
  10. I was in the Bowlers Hall as well. The night was fantastic! It's a shame if it's true about there being no DVD . Francesca you have an absolutely amazing voice I thought your performance was superb. Southham if you are who I think you are you did an amazing job. I bow down to you with infinite gaffa tape!
  11. Totally agree. Very sad news especially after the outcome of the previous accident.
  12. I managed to miss any Aprils Fools today although I think that was because had to go to Lerrick in the morning and Mr TA was Sooth doing night shift so didna hae anything planned.
  13. Celery. It's the only veg I can't stand, funnily enough I like Radish though.
  14. hellsbells I totally agree about fruit and veg bit. I think that it's not expensive to eat a healthy diet at all. When I was a student I found it to be cheaper going to the greengrocers and getting fruit and veg there than the supermarket (plus it IMO it tasted better). I lived off soups, they are very cheap to make nutritous and filling. I don't get this family, their Dr should have put them to a dietician or at least given them some information. I do believe that some people genuinely don't know "how to eat healthily" I think that's how they put it but help is at hand all they need to do is ask. I think they thought that the article would be a way to push the daughter forward after X Factor and didn't bargain on that at all.
  15. I'm overweight most of it got put on when I first became ill and couldn't do what I used to be able to do. After getting wheelchair and moving back up here I've found that I'm getting out and about more and thus starting to lose weight. Pooks - I've read that article on other forums. I'm not sure about that family at all. You don't get DLA for being obese and you don't get Epilespy because of being Obese. It was also in the Daily Mail and the original article was in Closer. I think they desperately need educated about nutrition and exercise although if they are being shouted at in the street I suppose that isn't helping. I did find reading the article initially a bit shocking then I studied it.
  16. I hope all the Mams out there have a wonderful day!!
  17. Is this what they call "jounalism"? I don't think that South Shetland is a tax haven but you never know lol
  18. Saw Doctors - If This Is Rock & Roll, I Want My Old Job Back.
  19. I got 3/7. One that was pinched from Fitba. Bouncebackability.
  20. Ooh there is nothing like a good bacon roll. My Sister, who has been a veggie for over 20 years, says the only things she misses is bacon rolls and tuna. As for the packs it does get a bit annoying when it says x amount of rashers and there isn't. We used to get our bacon from the farm shop or farmers markets so found that we didna really have that problem.
  21. Oooh Scappy Doo. Sooooo annoying! Why? Just why? Really put me off watching Scooby Doo. Alwasy got dissapointed when Scrappy was there.
  22. With my brother that's not hard to do. I think our group became the unofficial "those who are bullied group" pity we didn't find out when we started being bullied. I think that's why he joined. At the time I think the guidance system of certain schools up here was less than appauling. They certainly didn't want to admit that there was a bullying problem in their school, and from my point of view and others that I know, wanted it all swept under the carpet. I really hope that it's different at school today.
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