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Should drugs be legalised?

Should drugs be legalised?  

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  1. 1. Should drugs be legalised?

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Keep the drugs lethal and unclean. Its like nature stepping in and saying "thats what you get for taking drugs".


I see your plan is working JAS, the parents of megan chapman will be delighted to see your ideas come to fruitation. Tell me who's the next young lass that you want to see dead.

I shall leave out the rest of this post as it is mostly personal opinion on you JAS and I dont think the mods would allow such talk but I hope you get my general meaning anyway.

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Of course Skaters have their own natures kept in check except with their personal indulgence others may die, check these:

Couldn't Stop at the Bottom of a Hill

9 Year Old Skated Into an Intersection

10 Year Old Skater Slams Into a Truck


Killed Skating in the Street

David Rae Was Killed by a Truck

Florida Girl Fell in Front of a Truck

Meaghan Flaherty Struck by a Car


Drunk or Disabled Driver Deaths

Matthew Odell Killed by Drunk Driver

Drunk Carla Wagner Killed Skater Helen Witty

Driver Passed Out and Killed a Skater


Falling Deaths

Teresa Buick Hit Her Head During a Fall

Jessica Lishinski Skated Off a Cliff


Skitching Deaths

Daniel Peterson Died Skitching


Road Rash Deaths

Road Rash Kills a 7 Year Old Skater


Bad Weather Deaths

Belgian Skater Killed by Gale Force Winds


Skater Killed a Pedestrian

Skater Killed 61 Year Old Mercedes Diaz



How d'ya like them apples skate boy.

I liked the Jessica Lishinski one, that's natures way of stepping in and saying "You cant skate dude".

Do you know of any other dangerous pastimes with possible tragic consequences, perhaps we could start a club and call ourselves the sickturds or something.


I'll paypal a million pounds to the first person to post a true story of someone thinking they could fly cause they were on drugs.

Skating off a cliff indeed; ha ha, spot the mong.

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This is what I'm reading at the moment: The Pursuit of Oblivion: A Global History of Narcotics, 1500-2000.


Although it should become the standard account of the subject, this book is no dry academic tome: Davenport-Hines is one of the great historical story tellers and The Pursuit of Oblivion, though serious in purpose, contains a dazzling array of strange, amusing and macabre stories. It reveals the intimate drug habits of Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Walter Scott, Dickens, Gladstone, Freud, George IV, Queen Victoria, Marilyn Monroe, W. H. Auden and Anthony Eden (to name just a few); the role of enterprises such as the East India Company and Glaxo in distributing drugs (especially opiates); the part played by war in expanding drug use; the origins of the different policies of Britain and the United States, Holland and Switzerland, Thailand and Indonesia; the routes by which narcotics are transported around the world (including a brilliant account of the murderous career of the Colombian cocaine warlord, Pablo Escobar); and the evolution of attitudes towards, and taboos about, illicit substances. Spanning centuries, continents and empires, wars and revolutions, immigrants and aristocrats, The Pursuit of Oblivion neither celebrates nor condemns the use of narcotics. It concludes with an assessment of why, despite increasingly harsh sanctions, illegal drug use continues to increase and considers where law-makers go from here.


The first few pages are available for reading at Amazon and it's worth doing so; very interesting read.

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Guest Anonymous

on a similar note, i think our technology has come so far that our gene pool is polluted with sub-par intelligence.


the solution: lets take the warning labels off anything bright blue and toxic and go wait for darwin to work his magic


its essentially the same theory as letting people die from drugs overdoses ebcause they are stupid enough to do drugs

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Guest Anonymous
That's not "letting them die", that's promoting their deaths, would you feel the same if bars sold vodka that say made you blind.


who buys bleach and decides to drink it? whereas vodka is made for drinking


anyway my post was kinda tongue in cheek, its actually somethin jerry seinfeld said i think

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Fjool, your link 404ed for me - it looks as if the dots have permanently replaced the bit in the middle and the BBC don't like it.


Re the thread, people have always tried to get "out of it" one way or another, and probably always will. You hear of Russians drinking perfume and the like just for the alcohol in it, etc. etc., and let's face it they're probably quite aware while they're doing it that there's a chance they'll end up literally "out of it".


While our sainted politicians can't accept that basic fact, they're going to go on making things worse rather than formulating sensible rules which could allow us all to experiment a bit more openly and safely, with knowledge of the dangers.


That book does look interesting, nice to see a book on the subject without an axe to grind. :!:


(Corrected "why" to "while" :roll:

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^ Well spotted! Apologies. :oops: Your diagnosis was spot on.


The story is number one, most viewed on BBC News. And this event is not as rare as one might think: I know a couple of people who have done this exact thing with coffee, 'energy' drinks and/or also those 'study/exam' pills you get.


It may surprise some people that there is even a fatal dose; "Death typically occurs due to ventricular fibrillation brought about by effects of caffeine on the cardiovascular system." (Wikipedia) Very high doses, but possible if one used the more concentrated forms. It is also addictive and causes personality changes when the supply is withdrawn.

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I see that their quick to reassure everyone:


Coffee 'protects female memory'



Pregnacy caffeine 'reassurance'



Coffee may help relieve gym pain



And in is coffee bad for you


no relationship has been found between coffee drinkers and likelihood of developing coronary heart disease.

There is no evidence that coffee does any long-term harm. However, caffeine does have a very mild diuretic effect - so it's recommended drinkers have a glass of water afterwards to counteract it.


One less worry there then except for them damn gateway theorys proving to be true, I always want a doobie with me cuppa and the government says that, that will send me mad. Surely they should ban me from owning coffee as well, as it is very irresponsible of them to hope that I should know better.

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Thanks Koyaanisqatsi, that seems to be the link ok. It's not just the use or possession of coffee, you know, it was all that milk you "used" as a wee wee tot. Once you're hooked on that, it's downhill all the way, you never know what a milk user might progress onto.


And all this so very few centuries after Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the 'Coffee Cantata'. Funny, I suppose that puts him in the same league as Harry 'The Hipster' Gibson with his song 'Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine?' :lol: :lol: :lol:

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