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  1. Sooner the close more schools the better, with Shetlands road links nowadays and the need to save money there is no need for a lot of them to still be open. I hope they make scalloway in to a super primary and close all the near by primary schools. Skerries still being open as a high school is a disgrace and was only done for political reasons. The social care budget is bloated and out of control, it should be cut drastically.
  2. I have allways thought the Shetland people should be given recognition as a distict people, as due to our genetic make up we are different.
  3. I agree cancer research is the way to go, Oxfams investments allways did not sit well with me, would rather my money going to somewhere else.
  4. I thought she was allready dead, as there was a thing on the one show a few months back with her son who spoke like she was.
  5. Times I am there I allways get a very nice American lady who is positive. I dread to think what would happen if the COOP closed, Tescos is allready a rip off joint, I spend half my time having to compare everything, as most times a 4 pack is more expensive than 4 individuals, even though you would not think so. Plus I see the Tescos here does not have the same deals south and are trying to put Shetland milk out of business (none stop deals on milk all year just here in Shetland, as long as its not the Shetland stuff) they are chancers.
  6. I totally agree with you Kavi Ugl and JustMe, i am sure they are really busy and like the dentist people dont turn up and ruin it for the rest (bet there is a small group of people that are there the whole time when they should not be). There should be some sort of negative if you dont turn up without some sort of excuse, but like most things in society now, the compact between being a member of society and the state has plenty thinking the state should provide and be bloody lucky to do so on their own terms. I am one of those people that will never go to a doctor unless im forced or finally have to, thank the people for their advice for going to casualty, I would never do that as I am not that bad in pain and would never want to stop someone who is in more need. Its more the thing that I phoned the doctors and they never even replied, if i had been some old person or someone in more need or vulnerable that would wait and not follow it up (as why woud you if they tell you the system is that they phone you). It hacks me off. The whole system is a disgrace. Heard they just got a new computer system....
  7. Whats a few millions between the Council? No heads will roll, or people sacked, just millions to try and sort out a sows ear, all the amazing savings they have made they can afford it.
  8. I spent 30yrs happly on the Scalloway health centres books, but stupid me after having to get a booster injection I let slip I moved to the town, that was it I was transfered to their even though I did not want to be. they offered me a full examination, what a joke that was, some guy who I could not understand and I think he could not understand me. Lucky enough I thought I never need Doctors, but years later I have been in pain with my arm, finally bit the bullet and phoned... I heard horror stories, dont know if I can agree, as never got the chance. I finally after 2 months of pain phoned on Monday to see my arm looked at, I was told I was out with the time to phone, I thought silly me as I did not know the rules and regulations of what my tax money was paying for (what a weird set up, but im lucky my work mates let me sit by a phone allday and dont mind hearing my most personal thoughts). Fair enough, i phoned Tuesday, it did take me doing that soild from half 8, but if anything im a trooper. I got a very nice girl, who asked my symptoms, I told her and she was nice enough to tell me a doctor would phone me back...... I held my mobile allday beside me, waiting, hoping.... more fool me, next day I did the same..... maybe my tax money was not good enough or my pain not fancy enough. Where I work we allways return everyones calls within 24hrs, but they must know better, so i am in pain and see that no chance of even trying to see a doctor till next year, is it worth trying? I tried looking on the internet to complain (no point phoneing as they are all on holiday), but all I could find were links, with my computer if I click on them it works no sense, does anyone know an actual email address for them?
  9. Wonder how much this is going to costs us?
  10. It seems unfair if incomers get a vote, seems a bit arrogant that someone can move up here and get a vote after staying a few years. But I would allow them if they had been here 18 years, the other people able to vote would be those that could prove that they were born in Shetland. The 18 year rule (if 18 was used as normal for voting) would also allow those that are born outwith Shetland due to medical problems for example if they had to be born in Aberdeen but have stayed here the rest of their life they would still be able to vote.
  11. If you look at the names who are up ever week in the sheriff court a lot are immigrants for what percentage of the population they are.
  12. If we want to try and keep Shetland nice people like that should be driven out. We dont want trouble makers moving here, life should be made as difficult as possible for them.
  13. I agree with what you are saying. The SNP only seem to care about the central belt and western isles, plus seem to like interfering at every opportunity, they may as well be westminister, there is little difference to us. I think if Scotland did go independant, we should then go independant of Scotland. Alex salmon coud not really complain as we would be doing just what the SNP would have done, that would leave them up turd creek losing a lot of the oil revenue. Shetland and also Orkney are distinct from Scotland due to our norse ancestory and geographic location.
  14. This made me laugh, SIC twitter feed "SIBC news - Remembrance Sunday: SIBC carries two minute silence live from war memorial/town hall area in central Lerwick for 24th time." buts whats all this about? "SIBC news - Visiting bird watchers given fresh advice on giving offence to Shetland people." its like a spoof news site lol.
  15. It still means that someone with zero connection to Shetland can come off the boat and get a house instead of someone whos been on the list for 10yrs. The whole set up needs to be changed.
  16. ^^^ I totally agree Mogling, people will just do without so they can still buy drink. Also I am fed up with the many getting punished because of the few.
  17. It does seem our society rewards bad behaviour. I read somewhere in England a local authority was giving people more points for housing if they had a job, which seemed like a step in the right direction and giving people an incentive to work instead of a life time on benefits and working the system.
  18. Surely being from Shetland should be recognised as a distinct natural people, they recognise the Shetland mouse as distinct and separate, plus our otters, they are only there after our kinsmen came to the isles. If "travelers" are protected and seen as a distict people, Shetlanders have a bigger claim as we have lived on an Island for milenium.
  19. We can not put our values on to other societies, people here may have found it distasteful, but after all he did it seemed fair to me. Least hes dead and there can be some closure instead of a drawn out show trial.
  20. ^^^^ I assume you were not born in Shetland as birth and where your parents come from has a lot to do with it, you can not be a Shetlander otherwise. I hope the smashed window has nothing to do with the argument but if it does I dont think it can be called xenophobia, more like taking sides.
  21. The CCTV seems to have been a complete waste of money and is just an excuse for someone to be able to sit in a nice warm room watching a screen when they should be out on the beat, as all trouble i have heard of on the street the CCTV has seen nothing!
  22. Shetlanders are Shetlanders first and Scottish second.
  23. I remember being scared that the teachers would tell my old folks the bad things that i did at school as i would get a good thrashing, the threat of that was enough for me to try and be good, otherwise i would not have been as a grounding or a good talking to would have had no effect. But nowadays the parents are more likely to go to the school and beat up the teachers as there children can do no wrong.
  24. Shame children can not have a slap from decent people any more.
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