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Walk to cure diabetes


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Have you all seen the II magazine ? Pity Malcom wasnt at the start of walk he would have got photos of all the walkers setting off . Not to worry its a good spread . Saturday 14th November is National Diabetes day . We are having a Jumble sale in Freefield centre on the day . If anyone has a few hours to help out you would be most welcome . Also we are looking for jumble to sell . Let me know if you can assist . :) :) :)

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Is it just me who finds the thread title slightly ambiguous?


Someone coming new to the topic could think they're about to read a thread on diabetes being curable by walking when what it's really about is a walk to raise money for research into diabetes cures.


Maybe that extra hour has made me Mr Pedantic...

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I dont think anyone is naive enough to think walking cures Diabetes . It does help to keep blood / sugar levels right . We are a group of people all of us has family or friends with tihs cronic life threatning disease . We are trying to raise awareness and money to find a cure . You can find out more at JDRF or Diabetes uk . :)

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