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  1. Well that's my curiosity satisfied. I heard Jo on Monday and Tuesday and wondered if she was meaning you. I ken noo! Hope the ankle heals quickly!
  2. I didn't think so but The Scotsman has taken a different angle: http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=869522007 I ken I've been Sooth for a long time but have I missed something? Besides it's no the cheapest way to get into the UK
  3. Fuzzy felt was fab I could spend ages doing that. I also like board games ooh and connect 4 as well. Even though I was a lass I loved playing wi cars so that's what me and my brother did half the time. And marbles down the skirting o the stairs and try and get them in the pot at the bottom. We also had a bat and ball that we used in the hall.
  4. I was listening to the match relaying as much as I could by text to Mr TA as he was on shift. Ran about like mad when the final whistle went! Still canna believe it really, I'm all hopeful and optimistic. Happy about the McNamara signing no sure about the Mair een. No sure what will happen wi Russell as he did an interview about Jan/Feb time saying he was definitely staying until the end of the season. Wouldn't confirm about after that and confirmed he would look at other clubs if the offer was good enough.
  5. Sad news. Agree wi putting a statue up in the toon somewhere. RIP Willie
  6. Thanks to Trout (I think) I've been looking at the Science Daily website and found this today. An new excuse for some perhaps? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/05/070509210142.htm
  7. We did make saki and I remember that being hugely honking while it was brewing.
  8. ^ I don't remember them being really stinky at all.
  9. Called Dad wasn't Sterodent was Campden tablets. peeriebryan will see what I can do for a recipe for rhubarb wine for you, no promises but I'll ask Dad and see if he will gie me the recipe.
  10. Did you leave it long enough before drinking it I think that is the mistake that a lot of folk make. I ken when I lived at home Dad used to get his hom brew fae Healthcraft. I'm sure he used Milton most of the time but I'm sure I remember about him using Sterodent I think it was once. Need to ask him.
  11. I wanted the video set of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when I was 10 but never got it I was so dissapointed. Now have it on DVD.
  12. You should register fir the postal vote. It's lot handier. That's if you got your ballot papers on time
  13. Looking good. A bit thanks for everyones hard work!
  14. I'm trying to get my younger mates to go out and vote and I hope they do I'm a bit of a nag when it comes to voting I think I'll be voting Green for the regional but not decided who for in the other bit. I think there should be a bit in the ballot for Will Not Vote or similar that way you could see how many folk really don't want to vote as opposed to the just can't be bothered. I've a few folk that won't vote because they think that all policital parties are the same and there won't be any change whoever they vote in.
  15. Well I've had to change my recipe for my mates doon here because most o them seem to have an aversion to neep or carrotts - strange lot.
  16. Oh memories of childhood. I mind getting forced to wear a Fair Isle tank top over a blouse a lot because Mam thought I looked "aaful boanie" in it. I just remember it being so itchy the whole time.
  17. I have a strange baked tattie filling prawn coleslaw and cheese yum! Well for me it is. I was weel kent in that tattie shop for that!
  18. Was Lolly Lou's biological daughter? I thought Cheryl got pregnant by another guy when she was taken hostage. Or am I getting my storylines muddled up?
  19. tarotangel


    I'm glad I tuned in to the ITV4 bit at 7:30 as Enzo was the first fight up.
  20. That was brilliant fair cheered my day up.
  21. Ooh raggy dolls........ That reminds of the time me and me cousin sang that up Lothian Road drunkenly after deciding that Bob the Builder was nowhere as good. Loads of good ones on here so far. What about Supergran?
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