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Siffy the Erlund homes look fantastic,

The fact that they are based on Shetland and therefore the money spent on building the house would remain on Shetland is very important to us when we build.


My wife has her heart set on a Skye home, but this may just change her mind. :)


Thank you.

Except that the house kits come from Finland and the rest of the components from somewhere south so it is just the builders who are in Shetland. Link here http://www.erlund-house.com/en/
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@kavi ugl i dont completely agree with that statement, the vast majority of houses built in shetland recently have been timber clad and many have been painted in bright colours (hjaltland housing association) but i do concede that most are of a fairly traditional design but they are by no means drab grey boxes.

as for the erlund houses they are lovely looking houses but they are not to everyones taste

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Yes, thankfully there has been quite a bit of progress away from the "traditional" but dour block and harl style over the past 10 years or so but I was kinda refering to what has been built in the past 30, 40 or 50 years.


I really like what the Hjaltland Housing Ass have done at places like Quoys and East Voe and I hope they continue with it and don't slip back into the block and harl/render style.



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We rented one of the Norwegian log house types as per the posting pf 1 Aug 2010 for a holiday on the Black isle last year and were most impressed with it.


One question: is there any data on life expectancy (or at least before major remedial work is required) for this method of construction versus concrete block + harling, I'm thinking Shetland climate here.....?

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Stumbled across another Norwegian website tonight with some interesting designs.




@ RileyBKing, I'm not sure but what people seem to be thinking about more and more is that wood is from a sustainable soure whereas stone isn't - once it's quarried it can never be replaced.



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Yeh, I ken dat some of yon houses are braaly big and we're unlikely to see them in Shetland but it was just to give folk some ideas even for shape and colour etc.


I'd rather paint a bonnie peerie Scandinavian style house every X years as own a grey harled blob of an eyesore!.


Yep this is Shetland and Faroe is Faroe but they still manage a bit of painted colour.


As a Faroese friend said to me a couple of years ago "Shetland is beautiful but your houses are terrible"....



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