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Drugs in Shetland

da ness tattie man

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^^^ I would imagine, if the toon is anything like the toon used to be, that just about anyone staying in the toon and who is paying attention, knows who's who, and who's doing what, and can prove it, a long, long time ahead of the local Constabulary even has a name. No offence to the Constabulary, it's just the way it is, they, and their known/suspected "informants" are the ones whom anyone with anything to hide purposely make a point of keeping in the dark, they cannot keep it from everyone else so well, especially when they're in the selling business, and that same everyone else is their current and potential customer base.

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Yup, there we go again on this forum, blamin' the rozzers. :roll: If this is such a tight-knit, family-oriented an safe community, why aren't yez doin yer bit an lettin the rozzers know about the feckn scumbags amongst yez, unless yez support an condone them, or are too gutless te do anythin about them? From experience in Canada, where it is a huge problem, the information trickles in, if in it comes at all, te begin with, an only really starts te come in te the lawboys once it is already an established problem. Why? Cuz folk convince themsels its no a problem an "can't happen here", an stick their heads in the sand, an other dark places! By the time they realise whuts happenin/happened, folk are hooked - aye, innocent an vulnerable folk that could mebbe have done with a bit o your protection. Look in a mirror, cuz the law needs evidence, which folk among you could have already provided... if yez cared enuff.


As to GR, huh??? ^^ :shock: Can we have that in English (or even Shaetlan) puhlease? :?: Cuz I don't understand whut ye were tryin te say. Is this an after-hours post?? :wink:


I'd say 70 to 80 grand's worth o smack in 3 or 4 weeks is a not inconsiderable sum when yez consider the size o the place an the amount o coppers they actually have here? Are yez seriously tellin me that this problem is so much bigger than that?! :shock: :!: An if so, I refer yez te paragraph 1, lines 3 to 4^^^ :evil:

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^^^ Huh :?: :?: My post had absolutely nothing to do with either the recent seizures of smack or the size of any so called smack "problem" in Shetland. It was a direct reply to the "suggestion"/"request" made by the previous poster, that if the Police know who's who and who's doing what locally, but are not acting, they could at least let everyone else know who is doing what so that folks could deal with them as they saw fit.


Haven't a clue what tree you're barking up.

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Guest Anonymous
Yup, there we go again on this forum, blamin' the rozzers.


Nobody is blaming the cops but sherlock did claim to know who the main players are and yet nothing is done to lock them up or discourage them by other methods. the "major" busts of recent weeks have only taken a few couriers out of the picture, not the money men.

But if we were to take direct action against them we would certainly face the wrath of the law. easy to make an example of someone trying to protect their kids not so easy to make an example of someone trying to hook your kids on smack.

Sherlock if you know who they are, let word out so the rest of us will not complain if they disapear, so we will not be concerned if they die in a single vehicle accident, however you want to do it but take the boobalubes out once and for all.

In a small place like Shetland you don't need to make too many examples for it to be effective.

But you do have to make examples of the right ones the junky that couriers a bit will do it no matter what the risk, but the money men like to live their lives in comfort and are not so keen when their comforts are no longer there. they carry on their vile trade because they are never threatened or even exposed.

I'll bet that sherlock and his buddies have never even knocked on a money mans door far less kicked it in in the middle of the night, you don't have to find anything just letting the neighbours know who they are would be enough to stop some of them

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Ye still just don't get it, do ye?! :shock:




As fer askin the rozzers te provide ye with names so's ye can top them yersels, well, Holy Moses on a cornucopia, that'll produce some results, I'll bet! :roll:


We live in the real world an have te deal with it as such. Charlie Bronson tactics ain't going te get us sorted, it'll jest turn "decent folk" an turn yez inte monsters. I refer yez te Nietzsche an his wise words about dragons an monsters.


Lynch mobs an pitchforks?! "single vehicle accidents"?! Sheesh! :roll:

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Hey gues what I'm all for the lynch mob. the courts are a bloody farce we have one darlingwit get 240 hours community service for an ounce of smack thats 900+/- deals if the papers are correct, an awful lot of missery there, but hey he's sorry so its all right then, he is nowhere near the top of the food chain in dealing terms and at the speed the local plod move it will be years before they are anywhere near getting the evidence needed to ensure a conviction.

You could go to the plod and say X,Y, and Z are selling smack but that is not enough to convict them so they carry on buisness as usual, but your ass is in danger because plod won't protect your ass 24/7 and will only act once X,Y, or Z have kicked the living turd out of you, even then without witnesses to back you up sausage all will happen anyway, so it is no suprise that folks are not willing to come forward.

Proof, evidence, dont talk so much sharn if they know who it is then get rid of them anyway they want, you won't hear me complaining :evil:


edited rude word for posterior censored to be shirtlifter?? surely that means poof :!:

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easy to make an example of someone trying to protect their kids not so easy to make an example of someone trying to hook your kids on smack.


Or you could kill your own kids if you suspect they are messing with smack, thus taking out an important link in the chain.

Or how about turning them into alcoholics before they get to the smack so that they know what drugs are good for them.

As long as the demand is there a supply will soon follow. :roll:

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^ hardly medj, giving addicts clean needles so they can carry on their addiction, getting the sally ann to feed them so they can spend money on drugs, give me a break the most effective way of persuading kids to keep away from yun sharn is to let them see first hand just how low it will make them sink, when they can walk down the street and see scabby manourished junkies with yellow skin from hepatitas and a life expectancy of at most a couple of years it will make them think twice before trying it themselves.

Making addiction easy for them will only encourage the damn fools to keep at it.

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Just because it's legal doesn't mean it isn't a drug.


asprin, paracetamol both drugs both legal, used properly they are useful used improperly both will kill you.

drink is no different used properly not much harm will come of it abuse it and it will kill you.

smack now I've used it properly as a pain killer under medical supervision and still it caused me problems when the pain had subsided the need for the smack was still there. I remember the pain of stopping the smack more than the pain of my injuries, so for all the junky's out there just toughen up and give it up. if you won't then go up the knab climb over the wall and jump save everyone time, money and grief.

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education may well be the key but telling kids that something will kill them then they go out at the weekend and junky A is been at it for ages and still alive because some sausage is feeding them and clothing them and giving them a place to live, they tend not beliieve what they are being told because junky A convinces them that he's doing OK and on the surface he may seem to be doing OK but underneath he's already screwed,

Our society is too damn quick to pander to the idiots who wont look after themselves, leave them to it and Darwinian evolutionary theory will do the rest.


social care should be there for those that need it not for those that pootle themselves up :evil:

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