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Hercules freight plane

1979 Sheltie

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Well done to the Sumburgh Airport Firemen for all the hard work they did off loading the Hercules in the terrible weather conditions over the weekend. :lol:

The firemen should not be unloading the planes – this is rightfully the work of Lerwick Port dockers whose job it would be normally to unload the cargo boats. Lerwick dockers should have been bussed to the airport and paid treble time plus time and a half for this work. By unloading the plane the firemen have been snatching money than would have rightfully gone to the feed the families of the Lerwick dockers this Christmas.


The dockers of Lerwick should now hold a strike without delay as a protest against this theft of their work.


Ahhh.........nostalgia! One out, all out! :wink:

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Wheelsup wrote that we should be thanking Stewart the new airport manager ,just to clariffy he has not yet started at the airport yet and is definately not the new airport manager ,however the baggage handlers an firenen did a great job getting the planes unloaded with help from both supermarket staff .

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Unfortunately BlackPhemie my computer is having problems showing me photos from the Shetland Museum archive. I'm basically getting nothing.


I don't know if it's just me though :?


That link is working fine for me Kavi....


Oh dear, something must be mucking it up wi my computer, bummer :(


Thanks for the info though :D

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