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  1. governments have no power to change transmission charges - these are set by the regulator who is independent of governments.
  2. "Dream on, baby" (Carl Jung)
  3. My heart really bleeds for them "Announcing pretax profits up 27% to £302m, Serco said its operating margin has grown from 6.2% to 6.4%." The fine is to protect our money i.e. the government grant of £35 million they get to run the service.
  4. Funded by Shetland Charitable Trust who have given Viking sums of £3.6 milliom and £6.3 million - not that that money could have gone to COPE or pensioners or anything charitable.
  5. exciseman


    Well, you say that – but it was the local community that came up with the solution to the interisland ferries cuts and the parents have suggested workable solutions for the schools cuts. I’m amazed that Craigie and Budge are still on the payroll – it’s there where the real cuts should be made.
  6. What do you do? I bet he disposes of hazardous waste.
  7. No point in complaining on Shetlink - SIC councillor for transport is Allan Wishart and he was singing NorthLinks praises in the press last week so have a go at him, after all that is what you are paying him for - his contact details are: Phone: 01595 694224 Mobile: 07825088930 Email: allan.wishart@shetland.gov.uk
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    For Fecks sake get real – no need for COPE to be hammered - what the Fecks the Charitable Trust there for? to keep Wishart's pals in Viking Energy in the 4x4+expenses lifestyle to which they've become accustomed? The SIC is comparatively the richest local authority in the country with £200 million in reserves and the same again in the Charitable Trust. COPE was one of the few good things that came out of the last 20 years of Council run by a local mafia with Cluness and Goodlad as the Godfathers. The shower we’ve got in the Town Hall at the moment has been panicked into swingeing and unnecessary rate of cuts by a clique of senior officers and so called ‘senior councillors’ who wouldn’t like too close a look to be taken at things that were going on over the last 20 years. The trouble is the gutless mongrels of councillors we have at the moment won’t stand up to the SIC officers who are pushing to get these cuts to save their own overpaid miserable skins.
  9. I worked with a guy in Glasgow who had a wife and young child and lived with his parents. As I rostered his shifts he was always keen to get any overtime going – he said he was saving to get a council house. Not to buy a council house, but to get onto the waiting list by giving his local councillor a sum of money – the more he gave the councillor the higher he would get on the waiting list. Would the same system work in Lerwick?......answers on the back of a £50 note to your local councillor............
  10. How I love the smell of burning martyr in the mornings...... ..........roll on Up-Helly-Aa 2014 see... http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/11/5/1352140116949/88dd0adc-211b-4e2b-b7da-69027bca1f50-620.jpeg
  11. The SIC could sell parking permits and wheel clamp non permit holders - could raise funds that way.
  12. It might be if you were English and lived (at the moment) on Papa Stour... Ah! - I didn’t realise Papa Stour was a county of England, I thought it was a protectorate of Forvick.
  13. I don't understand - Why should his constituents contact him? (unless they wish to get married in England) – an English Bill in Westminster it isn’t a Scottish issue.
  14. This Bill doesn't apply in Scotland so perhaps he shouldn't have voted?
  15. ^ Perhaps the Boss of Falck Renewables who own Burra Dale http://www.thewindpower.net/windfarm_en_1472_burra-dale.php http://www.falckrenewables.eu/ If you re(S)peat this information you may find a Tesco-burger in your bed
  16. No one should own any kind of gun, air or otherwise, until they have had a training course on how to use it properly. This would ensure that when they go out to enjoy themselves by shooting animals (domestic or wild) or people (or themselves) they make the kill cleanly.
  17. SSE are a gas company as well so it may be worth their while? Also if they can run the power station from gas piped from Sullom then maybe the district heating plant can be run cheaper using that gas as well – yes/no?
  18. If the new power station can run off piped gas from Sullom then surely Lerwick households can be supplied with mains gas - yes/no?
  19. Saville had to die before this scandal got out – how the hell did he get away with openly abusing for over 30 years – Establishment cover up? Original Newsnight exposure of Saville was blocked - Establishment cover up? Credible Newsnight investigation of the Welsh scandal now by hitherto responsible and experienced journalists now rubbished and discredited – victim has to apologise!!! - Establishment cover up going to heart of government or even further now in full swing?
  20. New game featuring Mareel a must see - here http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/features/gaming-whats-inside-the-box-a-blooming-great-bill-8281298.html
  21. Slightly off topic but not unconnected campaign action, calling for a ban on slaughter without stunning in Scotland. see http://e-activist.com/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=75&ea.campaign.id=16444
  22. Scotland could introduce the system used in another part of the UK http://www.u.tv/news/Radical-changes-to-driver-training/a6cfb96d-87f5-4650-91bf-ed7c5e4dba08
  23. The best way save money on Education is to sack Budge and her legion of incompetent little helpers – it is through their mismanagement of the schools budget over the years that the cost of education in Shetland is far too high.
  24. To do what extactly? I hear a lot about how this superfast internet will be so great but why should it be better than the 6 m/s I get at the moment which is more that enough for my needs. There is no plan to force folk to buy a faster connection. If your current connection is fine for your needs then you will not be in the market for any local entrepreneur. Yes - my point exactly, suppose if most folk are in my position then there would be no need of this cable and the SIC could have saved their (our) money.
  25. To do what extactly? I hear a lot about how this superfast internet will be so great but why should it be better than the 6 m/s I get at the moment which is more that enough for my needs.
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