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Israel vs. Middle Eastern Arab states

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Blair Has now started in his attempt to solve the crisis, he is the highest ranking political leader to attempt this, with his history in the region I wonder how he will do.


some analysis from a RAND adviser:



Thanks for this DeMascus. Fingers crossed for peace once more. Surely at some point somebody is going to stumble across a formula that works.

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Oh, please don't put me in such esteemed company as Fjool.


There is also an interesting report on Sudan, It could fit into a number of threads here (global warming, Darfur?), but it looks at underlying environmental issues regarding the conflict.


UNEP : Sudan Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment - Press Release


It may not have the same environmental issues as the middle east but there is a section on population displacement that is worth a look.

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Here's an article written two years ago by a Egyptian activist.


The Middle East’s Springtime of Democracy


One person to look for on issues regarding the middle east is the brother of king Hussein of Jordan, Prince El Hassan Bin Talal.


Jordan managed to resolve problems problem with Islamist groups by involving them in the political process. If you deny a groups right to participate in the political life their country you inevitable push them into more extreme forms of action, a parallel of this could be the recent actions of Hamas in Gaza and the west bank.

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Havin spent a great deal of time in the middle east I will confirm that hatred of israel is taught in schools though out the region. not just for israel but jews in particular.

When the states that suround Israel say openly that they have no right to exist and the people of Israel still remember the last time this statement was made there will never be peace.

The schools in Syria and Saudia teach that the holocaust is just jewish propoganda. And no I cant post a link because this was learned first hand not by reading some crap on the internet.

We are shown refugee camps on the tv with the comment that this is the state of poverty people are forced to live in by israel, well I've seen how the arabs that are not in refugee camps live and there is no differance. they live like pigs through choice (maybe thats why they wont eat them).

So what can anyone outside the region do to solve the problem? NOTHING

Jews Christians and Muslims are all the children of Abraham yet only islam (and the catholics) will not recognise the others right to believe what they wish

Personally I think they are all wrong but but hey I at least recognise their right to be wrong.

Israel has the right to defend its borders and if this means having a security zone thats fine by me building settlements in that security zone was wrong and they corrected this by pulling out. and the palastinians reacted by lobbing more bombs into Israel's towns (real peace loving).

So as far as I'm concerned let them get on with it. because there is damn all we can do to stop it and any one who thinks otherwise is sadly deluded

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Good to have someone here on this thread who has been to the region and met its people and experienced its cultures.


Makes a welcome change from those who think sticking a copy of the Independant up their ass every afternoon(papers still come in at 2?), soaking up the BBC news opinion like it was gospel (they can't even name the Blue Peter cat without lying) and managing to operate Google somehow gives them the qualifications to make oh so holier than thou judgments on people; of which the closest they will come to meeting is taking a run to the Ness.


Or in KOYAANISQATSI's case, Belmont.

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Well I certainly didn't say what you quoted, and I didn't say what I agreed or disagreed with in any of Sheepshagger's post.


However, I can recommend the falafel and tahini in the arab cafe next to the railway station in Nahariya though. Got the owner's name and phone number somewhere if you want to book a table next time you're in the area.


Nice guy, not porcine at all I thought :)

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Yeah, yeah were all humbled by your worldly wisdom I'm sure, which gives you exclusive rights to speak and no one else.


No, not an exclusive right to speak. It does give me some grounds to correct your experience-free opinion when you’re wrong though. (and you retain the right to turn as huffy and puffy as you want when that happens)


For all you know I might know the cafe owner personally, so dont be shocked if your soup tastes like pish the next time your there.


C'mon (*** MOD *** Please respect the privacy of others)I find it unlikely that you would have an Israeli as a friend, you were calling all of them Nazis a few posts ago.

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