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What are you currently reading?

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^^ The Complaints is Ian Rankin's new book (came out in HB in Sept 2009) and due out in PB later this year I think. This is his new offering about another Edinburgh based copper after Rebus - Inspector Malcolm Fox who works in the 'Complaints & Conduct' dept, the unit who police the police - hence the title. It's good and bodes well for the future and proves there is life after Rebus ! :)

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^^ The process worked well enough for Michael Connolley and his Harry Bosch books. Introducing a character from "Internal Affairs" gave the series a new direction and a new set of story hooks which allowed the central character to be revitalised and re-introduced in later books. I hope it works out for Ian Rankin too.

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Finally got round to read A Child Called It, The Lost Boy & A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer. Saw the 3 in one volume on wed in one of the charity shops, just got the one chapter to go.

Wow, sometimes you forget.

I've seen some really messed up victims.

But I've met some real survivors too.

As a parent it really makes me think.

It makes me regret when I should have said something.

But most of all it makes me wish there were more foster parents out there.

I know even up here there's a REAL shortage of foster parents. There are so many kids out there that never know a stable, loving home, what chance does that give their kids?

At least as Pelzer says himself he did come to have a "real Mom and Dad" through the fostering system.

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