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Stuart Hill (Captain Calamity) Forvik


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Guest Anonymous

I am very glad to hear the captain was rescued and is alive & well .

The rescue services have once again done a sterling job and my praise to them .

To the Captain , I think you would be better to invest in a boat we watertight decks , it's unfortunate publicity but I hope you continue on with the Forvick project , but I would stay aff Forvick through bad gales especialy fae South through to NorthWest , da tide workin against da wind and swell makes it treachourous in any small boat , watertight decks or not .

P.s what is the maximum hieght of Forvick above chart dtaum , just out of curiosity ?

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Maybe Mr Hill ( does he have the right to be called captain ) should go out a few days working with the coastguard and lifeboat crews and see first hand what a brilliant job these guys do. He might even come to his senses and see what his actions mean to the volunteers and their families who are left at home wondering if the crews are safe.


These coastguard and lifeboat guys are mostly all working full time and a call out at night means they have to get back to base, fuel up, clean up and write reports before they can go home try and sleep and get up for work the next morning. I bet Mr Hill went home had a good sleep then a leisurely lie in before thinking what to do next.

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I was asked by one of my correspondents if their children could sponsor a tree on the island. In common with most of Shetland, Forvik is treeless, although that was not always the case. These days the sheep in the hills of Shetland will not allow any tree to get a foothold.




I was taken with the idea, but of course one tree on its own would stand no chance of survival. On the other hand, a number of trees together might make it through the storms and salt spray of winter. I saw it as symbolic of the whole project - one person alone stands little chance, but a number working together can achieve wonders. As Margaret Meade put it: 'Never doubt that a small number of dedicated citizens can change the world - in fact it's the only thing that ever has'.


So, I'm prepared to plant trees if you will sponsor them. They will be Shetland varieties, grown in Shetland and will have the best chance of survival on storm-lashed Forvik.


Your tree will have your name on it and a picture will be published on the website. If it fails to survive the first year, I will replace it. Hopefully Forvik will have its own forest in a few years time.


To sponsor a tree costs 16 groats (approx. £10). Click here for form.


Overseas Citizenship: 2.5 Forvik Guldes. Apply here.



Minors 1.25 Forvik Guldes. Apply here. (One parent must already be a citizen).



Purchase symbolic plot of land to become part of the Ting - Shetland residents only: 1 Forvik Gulde. Apply here. (Coming soon).



Honorary citizenship: 1 Forvik Gulde. Apply here.



The Gulde is a gold-backed real currency. 1 Gulde is about £60 sterling. There are 100 groats in a Gulde. One groat is about £0.6. There are 4 pennies in a groat, making a penny about £0.15. At a later stage this project will run entirely on the Gulde, meanwhile the above approximations will hold.

is this mr hills plan to con people out of money. how long is a tree going to survive there. he charges £10 for a £1.50 plant. i just hope nobody is stupid enough to pay him.

my maths must be bad 16 groats x £0.15= £2.40

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P.s what is the maximum hieght of Forvick above chart dtaum , just out of curiosity ?


I don't know for sure, but looking at the place I would think it is less than 30 feet...


Looking at the OS map 30 feet is pretty much bang on. Drawing a direct comparison, the Maywick Holm goes to 60 feet and is at times completely submerged by deep ocean westerly swells.


Bye Bye house.

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Guest Anonymous

What a bunch you are , why are many of you so vitriolic towards this man , ok so he has been rescued on more than one occasion and the last time was several years ago , he does his own thing on a remote Island , eccentric perhaps but causing no harm to any of us and he does this because he believes he may be able to bring about a change to how Shetland is governed.

And having been directly affected by the Insane laws from Brusseles that we are obliged to follow then I take my hat off to anyone who thinks of a way to rebel against the British Government and the E.U , I have no faith in either .

And I would imagine most of you never go any deeper in the water than your bathtubs .

And maybe need rescued from them on occassion .

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"eccentric perhaps but causing no harm to any of us"


The point ive been making is that he is going to end up harming someone else. I couldnt give a :shock: what he ends up doing to himself, but when he getting the lifeboat out for a totally avoidable incident I get annoyed.


And you could be right about the bathtubs, but we dont stick 2 old outboards on the back oh them and call them a boat!

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