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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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Those Tidal turbines dont do it for me.


I'm unconvinced. The cost of maintenance will be ten times worse since you'd have to send qualified engineer divers down. No?


I'd rather impose the turbines on land than under water since its harder for underwater animals to negoatiate. Now i'm un-educated as to how the tidal turbines will work. But I'm worried about big mammals being chopped up/injured badly and washed up onto beaches ten fold.


It could disrupt a whole ecosystem under water. I still think the Pelamis Sea Snakes are much more safer option entirely.

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What about the odd peat bog or the odd quarry or the odd thousand tons of concrete]

hope its not stuck onto the turbine or the builders are not reading there plans to well.


ok, I concede, the only environmental impact of a wind farm is the odd gull flying into the blades!


...not a problem, plenty more where they come from.

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After a six-month break I have been hired by Weber Shandwick to get my profile back in action on this forum. It's amazing what money can do, eh?:lol:


Have kept an eye on the discussion over the recent months but haven't felt the urge to get involved again until now.


Have a look at the following link http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/sep/21/renewableenergy.alternativeenergy


I am not saying their model would be an economically viable option for us but the way the community has embraced renewables etc. should teach us all a lesson.


I don't know if the VE project is exactly how we best move forward but maybe a bit more joined up thinking on how we can incorporate the Shetland community into creating a "sustainable Shetland" is maybe what is required, with or without VE.


Interested to see the Pentland Firth tidal plans... surprised that PJ has taken such offence as such developments as six months ago he was advocating tidal as the way ahead. Some folk are just never happy! :wink:

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Nice to see you back, Petrocelli!

Tidal power, iam in favour of, i just don't like stupid irresponsible remarks made by the SNP leader, that we will create a new Saudi Arabia in our waters.

Tidal power is now the new panacea.!!. yesterday it was offshore windfarms, the day before it was onshore windfarms, tomorrow Fusion reactors?? :wink:


Nice to see another person in the debate!

Please tell us what you think about £10.000 of our money being wasted on Weber Shandwick to help dig VE out of a hole?

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Please tell us what you think about £10.000 of our money being wasted on Weber Shandwick to help dig VE out of a hole?


There is a budget of roughly £3M for the VE investigation and money is obviously being spent on various different parts of the investigation. They are quite entitled to spend it as they see fit... within reason!:wink:


Undoubtedly a major part of the process is convincing us, the Shetland public, that this whole exercise is actually in our best interests. If that means seeking professional help from a PR company to assist them in doing this then it is understandable that they have gone for this option.


However, I don't think the Shetland public will be overly enthused about a London PR company trying to use fancy language/statistics to convince us of the benefits of the VE Project. They will need to tread carefully as to how they proceed or it could quite easily prove a costly partnership. Let's wait and see how VE's PR changes tact and make our judgement then.


At the end of the day spending £10,000 on a PR exercise is never going to change certain people's mind, is it PJ?:wink: Therefore it is obviously a waste of money in your eyes!


However, there are still members of the public who are still undecided and we should all hope that each and every one of us remains open-minded about the possibility of this project becoming a reality. To be blinkered in either direction at this stage would be extremely foolish and short-sighted, IMHO! :)

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