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Mobile phone signal and service (coverage, contract, 3G etc)


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It really depends on where you are to be honest. I thought 3 used o2 masts, but there are areas I get fine o2 signal but ziltch with 3. Lerwick is mostly fine, and it probably has the best signal north of Tingwall, but there are big dead zones in the south end.


Not sure if anyone else has found this, but my signal seems to fluctuate wildly for not apparent reason sometimes...


I live south, and I'd definitely recommend 3 down here. But for Shetland use, it really depends on where you live. Hope that helps!

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I've hed a 3 mobile fur da last 18months an da reception is best described as patchy. Lerwick is good and scalloway is a one bar job.

Up north is pretty poor. I wid say if your going aboot shetland I wid stick we Vodaphone.


Hope dat helps



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I got a call about a new 3g phone Upgrade and took them up on it.

It turned out to be a nightmare A new phone arrived but with a new Contract for £40 a month which I was not told about in addition to the original phone contract they wanted to upgrade so I was paying for to contracted phones and it took over Five months to sort out and I had cancelled the second phone contract with in 4 days so get it in writing as well as there E-mails and there ironic text messages to my old phone They will screw you if they can. The man on the other end lied through his teeth just to get the sale

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I still have the last "upgrade" they sent me sitting in me desk wrapped waiting to go back! You will be able to cancel your contract under their limited coverage policy.(altho it took me a couple of months to get that from them)

They didn't bother to tell me at the time that they had fallen out with O2 and only used Orange now....

so basically you'd be as well off with an Orange contract imho

(do they still do the free Broadband if you have a mobile contract?)


back with good old Vodafone PAYG now

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