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Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy


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One of the problems is the way the national grid charges suppliers is way out of date when you take renewables into consideration. This link explains it better than I could...


The gist of it, as far as I understand it, was it made sense before renewables to build the infrastructure close to population centres and take the fuel to them, (coal, oil, gas,uranium), the further away from those massive power stations and population centres = higher infrastructure/transmission loss costs = suppliers have to pay higher charges to supply the grid. This gives suppliers an incentive to build their power stations closer to the people who use the most. This is completely turned on its head when it comes to wind generation. 

Looking at the maps of transmission charges for suppliers and who pays most for electricity, links...



It seems to me the elephant in the room for our council looking for change in the way electricity is charged is a political one. If you superimposed the map where electricity is cheapest and the map where suppliers have incentives to build power stations against a map where most MP's are elected my guess is there would be a convergence which means persuading any UK government, Tory or Labour to change the status quo would be problematic.

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On 27/02/2021 at 22:15, MuckleJoannie said:

Not any more. They still have a stake but it's a small one as they didn't want to risk putting up money for the construction.

Just how much is the SCT's share these days, does anyone know. They've never exactly been forthcoming with any meat on the bones of the 'deal' they struck with SSE.

If they put in no more money than was in when they last admitted how much they'd spent on it, at a guess they can't have much more than a 1-2% stake these days, and Burradale, if they're still in, something like 0.05-0.1%

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